Shovel Ready. Or not?

Facebrick or Plaster
14th Jun 2019
Nviro Tek Laboratory Video
20th Nov 2019

Shovel ready is a term popularised by Barack Obama around 2008. This term refers to more than just actual building projects, but in the building trade it roughly  refers to a builder or building site, that, with enough funding is ready to go in a matter of weeks. All plans and approvals are done, and all tests and engineering factors determined. The theory in rough draft means that it is better to spend money on the projects that are ready to go, rather than pine over projects not yet thought out and planned properly. This can be directly applied to a general construction project.

Like with most other theories, there are pros and cons to each side of the coin.


Keeping money aside for the interior and design elements of a project, can leave you short changed for the actual building construction costs, and you might end up with shoddy workmanship and inferior quality building materials.

Not acknowledging and planning for the interior and design elements, and spending the immediate budget all on great expensive construction with the best materials that money can buy, might leave you with not enough funds to complete your project to a live-able standard, and a half completed site.

The better and smarter alternative would be to contact an “all in one” contractor, who has the expertise and experience to marry your ideals and your budget into a matrimony of the blissful eternal happiness of a completed project.


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