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Due to the large volume of asbestos products used in South Africa, we soon found that the servicing and removal of asbestos roofs, asbestos gutters, down pipes and facias became an integral part of our business. With the advent of new legislation, and the tightening up of existing asbestos regulations, we found a new are of expertise into which to expand. We also became acutely aware of the dangers involved with the handling of asbestos containing products.

BOUWCOR differentiates itself from its competitors through market related pricing, superior service and availability. BOUWCOR pledges never to turn business away. The management of this business believes in complete, open and honest communication with all of its clients and at present has excellent valued relationships with all of them. BOUWCOR pledges to always provide its clients with the most professional affordable service.

BOUWCOR operates across all forms of Construction ranging from Industrial, commercial to residential. We employ extensive research and development into the emerging requirements of sustainability and we are pioneers in the use of off-site Modern Methods of construction.


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