Facebrick or Plaster

Shovel Ready. Or not?
14th Jun 2019

Any new constructor knows the dilemma all too well: Facebrick or plaster.

There is more to consider than just cost and curb appeal when deciding on either.  Again as with most decisions when pursuing construction, there are two very different sides to the coin, and each side has its merits.

Face brick is beautiful from a design perspective. It is unique in appearance and texture and stands out. Different types of brick have differing looks, and can be tailored to whatever appearance you prefer.  The standard offset pattern of red bricks is most common, but there are a variety of different colors, sizes and designs to choose from. However, once you have chosen, you are stuck with that choice forever. Except if painting the bricks is something you would consider.  (This is not recommended and can easily look “cheap”)

Plastered walls in contrast, can be changed as often and at a whim with minimum effort.;

But while there are many advantages to using face brick, it’s important to be aware that there are disadvantages to keep in mind as well. The biggest being the cost. Face brick requires a great deal of labor and time to install. While the materials as such are often inexpensive, the amount of time and expertise required for the project of installing face brick can add up to a pretty penny. You will need to hire a professional to help you with the installation process if you want the aesthetic you envision. Constructing with Facebrick is almost an artform, as any discrepancy in the areas “between-brick” will stand out like a sore thumb in the end product.

With plastered walls, the initial layout cost is less, and the builder does not need to be so much of a perfectionist, as any and all flaws are plastered into the unity of a smooth surface. Any uneven gaps or discolored bricks very much hidden from the naked eye.

Another concern is the maintenance and upkeep of face brick. Brick tends to be very sturdy, but over time it can be worn down. Pieces of the brick can flake or chip off, which causes both a mess and safety issues, and can not just be “plastered-over”  to hide the degeneration and aging like with a plastered wall.This will require upkeep and additional work, which costs both time and money. Additionally, face brick tends to be poor at insulating a space, so it will also be necessary to include additional insulation materials as well.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal choice and a choice only you and your Builder can make.

BOUWCOR has the experience and skills to best serve you, whatever your choice.